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Leadership Coaching

Nearly all high-potential leaders benefit from working with a personal coach. One-on-one coaching allows individuals to take their leadership to a new, more fulfilling and effective level.My leadership coaching solutions can make a difference at all levels in your organization, from a first-time manager to the CEO.

Coaching creates an environment that allows the client to step into a new level of leadership, one that authentically and sustainably inspires him/her and others to optimize performance.  Company initiatives are incorporated, with input from the client’s direct supervisor, to create a meaningful impact on the business.

The coaching alliance allows the leader to observe, explore, experiment, learn and change.  Through a process of creating a vision, developing a plan and the accountability to reach it, leaders use me to…

  • Succeed in a new role or level of leadership
  • Create or sustain a vision
  • Navigate the culture to get traction for change
  • Strengthen relationships and develop greater visibility with key stakeholders
  • Keep their leadership focus
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness and courage…including presence, influence and impact

Coaching helps you tap into leaders’ natural creativity, resourcefulness, intellect and instinct, to deliver results in this unprecedented business climate.

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With the roadmap, organizations have the information they need to steer leader development, fuel sustained success and prepare leaders for what’s next.

Team Effectiveness Coaching

Teams also benefit from coaching.  Using a variety of team-building, brain-storming and goal-setting tools, I facilitate learning and develop peak performance for teams.Teambuilding is a process by which a group of individuals is encouraged to learn about themselves, each other, their leader(s), and how these components fit together to boost team success.

  • Fostering openness and trust
  • Providing a neutral space and affirmative language to discuss differences
  • Underscoring the value of diversity
  • Teaching team members to value and work with the strengths of others
  • Helping increase productivity by aligning individual needs, preferences and strengths with team goals
  • Identifying team assets and blind spots
  • Creating a forum and framework in which team members can better understand and manage
    • Communication
    • Team culture
    • Leadership
    • Change
    • Problem solving and conflict resolution
    • Stress

Sometimes used as an intervention tool with under-performing teams, coaching is even more powerful for high performance or newly-formed teams, to drive team effectiveness and deliver valuable results.


I find assessment tools to be highly effective in both individual and team coaching.

As a certified Myers-Briggs practioner, I improve the performance of people, teams and organizations, with the world’s most trusted assessment.  Through my in-depth understanding of the best and most ethical ways to administer the assessment, as well as how to interpret and apply results, I use the MBTI tool to help my clients achieve their goals.  This tool is fundamentally a reflection of a client’s self-reported preferences on how they move through their world, take in information and make decisions.  It is a powerful tool to grow in self-awareness and other-awareness, to forward the action and deepen the relationships in their lives.

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HR Consulting

Acting as an adjunct employee, I help companies develop programs in human resources and leadership development.  My specific areas of expertise are in talent acquisition, leadership competency development, interviewer training, mentoring programs, as well as employer and leadership branding.

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Motivational Speaking

Looking to energize a group?  Bring me in to create and deliver a unique team experience that teaches and inspires your audience.  Read about the impact I’ve had on other teams…

“Your presentation was excellent and your delivery was superb! We’ve never had a presentation that was so interactive. I took a lot away from it and I know that my thoughts were shared amongst all who attended. In addition to the value that you’ve added to the lives of the individuals in our group, your presentation did a lot to build synergies amongst our members that otherwise would’ve remained unknown.”

~  Chris Ashe
AXA Financial Advisor and
President Young Professionals Network, DuPage

“Janet worked with The Marketing Store Worldwide in Chicago to bring about an interactive event about the Mentoring process. She was engaged from the start with creative, yet practical ideation. She drew from her business of Coaching to blend outside information with our internal perspective and create a meaningful learning experience about Mentoring. Her work was completed ahead of schedule and she jumped in to assist to bring about he final touches for our support materials. At the event, her role was to lead the attendees through an introspective exercise and she did it in an engaging way, which was very informal and personal for a group of almost 200 people. She was able to stay on time and deliver the agenda, even with a few curves thrown her way.
Overall, I would recommend Janet to consult on management/leadership topics as well as to be a part of the delivery, as this is a strong skill she has shown in our experience.”

~ Lori Piest
Director of Human Resources
The Marketing Store Worldwide
(McDonald’s Promotion Agency)
Best Places to Work, Chicago